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Euro 2020 Tournament Information

Euro 2020 - Win €10,000 on FansBet
Euro 2020 - Win €10,000 on FansBet
Posted on July 11th, 2021

The last day of the Euros are upon us in what is lined up to be a terrific finals match between England and Italy. You can win up to €10,000 in Free Bets as well through one of our top recommended sportsbooks!

July 11th, 2021 | 2 minutes to read
Italy vs England Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Italy vs England Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Posted on July 9th, 2021

All the knock out matches are done and dusted and we now we enter the final match of the Euro 2020. Italy and England face off at Wembley on Sunday to decide the winner of the European Championship. Italy brought a ranking of number 7 in the FIFA world charts…

July 9th, 2021 | 3 minutes to read euro2020
Euro 2020 - Win €10,000 on FansBet
Semi-Finals Promotions and Best Odds!
Posted on July 6th, 2021

England, Denmark, Spain or Italy – One of these teams will be our new European Champion and we’ll know the finalist by tomorrow evening of what has been an amazing tournament so far. Italy and Spain plays tonight and England takes on Denmark at home tomorrow, as both matches are…

July 6th, 2021 | 2 minutes to read Blog
England vs Denmark Best Odds Tips and Prediction
England vs Denmark Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Posted on July 6th, 2021

We are down to 8 competitors at the Euro 2020 and two of those get in on at Wembley on Wednesday. England go up against Denmark in the 1/2 finals of the European Championship. England bring a ranking of number 4 in the FIFA world charts to the table, sitting…

July 6th, 2021 | 3 minutes to read euro2020
Italy vs Spain Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Italy vs Spain Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Posted on July 5th, 2021

Italy and Spain have both made it through another knock out round at the European Championship. They now face off against each other in the semifinals of the Euro 2020 at Wembley on Tuesday. Italy bring a ranking of number 7 in the FIFA world charts to the table, sitting…

July 5th, 2021 | 3 minutes to read euro2020
Euro 2020
Euro 2020 - Great Football in the Quarter Finals
Posted on July 3rd, 2021

We are halfway through the quarter finals and oh boy have they been a treat so far as both matches yesterday delivered good play between very competitive teams. The action started in yesterdays early match between Switzerland and Spain which was a tight affaire. Spain - Switzerland Scoring started off…

July 3rd, 2021 | 2 minutes to read Blog
Ukraine vs England Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Ukraine vs England Best Odds Tips and Prediction
Posted on July 2nd, 2021

The first round of knock out matches are done and dusted and we now we enter the 1/4 finals of the Euro 2020. Ukraine and England face off at Stadio Olimpico, Rome this coming Saturday in the European Championship. Ukraine enter the Euro 2020 as number 24 in the FIFA…

July 2nd, 2021 | 3 minutes to read euro2020
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Welcome to BetFootball, the world's most exciting betting site about everything involving The Beautiful Game!

 With a complete list of competitions, leagues, and tournaments, including Euro 2020 and World Cup 2022, BetFootball offers a wide range of betting sites and sportsbooks, based on the latest developments in global professional football. 

So, are you up for it? Are you a master in predicting results, outcomes, and goal scorers? Do you think you can beat the most competitive odds? BetFootball is waiting for you: whether you are yet to lay your first bet or are an experienced sports bettor: we offer you the best, the finest, and the latest in football betting.

What BetFootball Is About

We are the world’s number one website when it comes to football betting. At BetFootball, we cover the biggest leagues, from Euro 2020 to World Cup, Premier League to the Serie A, from the Primera División to the Bundesliga, and everything in between. National cups, international tournaments, World Cups: if it involves two teams and a football, count us in! 

We pride ourselves in providing the finest odds, based on thorough expert, data-driven analysis. Realistic odds, odds based on the latest developments surrounding competing teams: injuries or absences of key players, winning streaks, the latest performances, the history between teams, name it, and we consider it as part of the odds. 

In the biggest leagues, where the greatest players compete in the most historic stadiums, is where odds get crushed. Of course, we cover the fives big leagues, Premier League, Primera División, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, but also other European leagues, 2nd or 3rd level competitions, and cup tournaments. And let’s not forget the Champions League and the Europa League: BetFootball has it all. Prefer international football? You’ll find all your Euro 2020 info here.

At BetFootball, we have partnered up with the biggest players on the continent to be able to provide you with a secure, fast, and transparent environment to lay your bets. We assure our players the highest standards of quality in football betting, whether it comes to the odds or a secure betting environment. 

What BetFootball Offers You 

Quality Sportsbooks to Bet on

When betting on professional football, it comes down to quality. You are laying bets on the best players, part of the best sides, playing in the best leagues. So why wouldn’t you do that relying on the best odds? By offering you an overview of what Europe’s highest quality sportsbooks have to offer, BetFootball guarantees security, transparency, and confidence. We only show you odds from sportsbooks that have passed our quality tests. Sportsbooks are known for their experience and high standards, where you can count on safety when it comes to processing payments. 

If we would compare football betting with professional football, BetFootball offers you the sportsbooks competing in the Champions League. No shady websites or minor gambling sites: we give you the Real Madrid, the Juventus, the FC Barcelona, and the Manchester City of the football betting world. Cherry-picking for bettors, based on the experience and knowledge of the BetFootball team. Let´s be fair: if you lay a bet on a match in a top-tier league, you won’t do so at a top-tier sportsbook, right? 

Total Overview of the Best Odds

Football betting has no secrets for the team behind BetFootball. We know what’s important when it comes to betting, and we especially know the importance of betting odds. Odds make the difference between a decent win or a great loss. Odds convince us. We want our predictive skills to be honored by the finest, most competitive odds out there. This is why BetFootball has one mission: making sure players get the finest odds on the web for every match of the Euro2020. Through an independent and neutral view, we scan the odds of the most trusted bookies in Europe and make a total overview of the odds you want to lay your bets on. 

So whenever you want to place a bet on a match, make sure to check BetFootball first. If at one website the odds are fine, chances are that we managed to find a website with even better odds! What are the odds! We are about everything that involves football betting, and apart from all the background info, betting guides, and the latest news we offer, we are focused on making sure that when you bet, you bet at a place where you can win. Win for real. 

Detailed Look at the Biggest Leagues and Tournaments

When you bet, you play with money. Your money. You want that money well spent, which is why most bettors are determined to place their bets well prepared. Preparation comes with knowledge, and knowledge about leagues and tournaments is what BetFootball provides! With professional pretalks, afterthoughts, commentaries, and news updates we give you a complete overview of what a tournament or league is about.

Do you want to know the way to the FA Cup Final? Want to know the way the EuroCup 2020 will get played? Are you eager to find out more about the set-up of the Dutch Eredivisie? Or do you need a reminder on how the Copa Libertadores works? Find out everything about the world´s most exciting football leagues and tournaments in BetFootball. We live football, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can count on us for the latest insights, as we want you to be well-prepared when laying bets. 

Information About Teams and Players

Even more important: we tell you everything you need to know about clubs and players. Although there’s a major role for gut feeling and instinct, most bettors lay bets based on statistics and team information. Before laying a bet, you want to know how a team has been performing lately, their history with their opponent, which players are in a good flow, and which ones will be absent due to injury or suspension. 

At BetFootball, we provide you with that information. We maintain up-to-date files on individual players and teams, generating a database with reliable information. Combined with all the details about leagues and tournaments, and a well-researched overview of the finest odds, players from all over Europe use BetFootball as a starting point before betting. The road to your next win starts here, at BetFootball.   

Football Betting Guides

As said, we are the most complete football betting website out there. This means we exist for all sorts of bettors. The experienced ones, but also the starters, the newbies. We are happy to help you along the way, with tips & tricks and guides about everything that involves football betting. Wondering what a handicap means? What is the difference between live betting and regular betting? How can you increase your odds? BetFootball is your encyclopedia on football betting and on our website, you will learn everything you need to become a bettor that knows how to combine luck with knowledge and timing.   


So, are you ready to roll? BetFootball is the link between the bettor and the sportsbooks and we’re looking forward to Euro 2020 which gets underway in June. We offer players an up-to-date overview of the best odds per match, only using the websites known for their quality. Not only do we offer the finest odds on the greatest matches, but we also provide the latest information on top tier leagues and tournaments, on teams and players, not to forget our betting guides which are being used by the most experienced players. BetFootball is about everything involving football betting. Placing your bet starts with us, at BetFootball. Don´t wait any longer and check everything our fabulous website has to offer!