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Euro 2020 Golden Boot Betting Preview – Kylian Mbappé

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Golden Boot Betting

Ligue 1 top scorer

The hottest young player in European football is Kylian Mbappé, and he is set to play in the first Euro Cup tournament of his career. Mbappé is known for his impeccable dribbling and clinical touch around the net. He has been a goal-scoring machine no matter where he has played and has scored an incredible 76 goals in 78 games for his current squad Paris Saint-Germain. At just twenty-two years of age, Mbappe brings a youthful exuberance and high-energy style to the pitch in every match he plays.

While he has yet to take home a Golden Boot award, he has other hardware to back up his goal-scoring prowess. Mbappé won the Ligue 1 top goal-scorer in both 2018-2019, 2019-2020, as well as this year where finishing at an impressive 27 goals . Mbappé’s four goals at the 2018 World Cup were good enough for him to claim the FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award. He was the youngest player since Pele to score in a World Cup Finals game, when France defeated Croatia 4-2.

Kylian Mbappé to win the Golden Boot

Toughest group of all

The one issue with betting on Mbappé to take home the Golden Boot award is that like Cristiano Ronaldo and Timo Werner, France is in the dreaded Group of Death alongside Portugal and Germany. There is certainly an argument that France is the best squad in the pool, but that definitely does not mean that Portugal or Germany have no shot of defeating them. France can lose in the round robin just as easily as it can make it to the finals, which makes betting on any of these three players a challenge.

Benzema joins the French attack

Can Mbappé win the award? Of course! But at 9/1 odds amongst most of our recommended Euro 2020 sportsbooks, bettors should consider giving a nod to Romelo Lukaku or Harry Kane, both of whom have a much easier road to a deep tournament run. Heck, Mbappé is good enough to net multiple goals per game even if France has an unexpectedly hasty exit. But as a bettor, you want to secure what appears to be the most likely path to a winning bet, and because of the pool that France is in, it does not appear that Mbappé fits that criteria. Another thing to keep in mind is the late addition so to speak of Karim Benzema. Benzema is a great goal scorer in his own right, but he's also a great setup man and all players in the French offense could benefit from that.

Betting on Euro 2020 FAQ

  • Can I bet on the result of a match, even when the match has already begun?

    Yes, you can. The difference here is that you are live betting once betting on a match that has already started. Live betting is another form of betting, with odds changing as the match takes place.
  • I see a favorite in a match has higher odds thanks to a handicap -1. What does handicap mean?

    Betting on a team with a handicap makes up for more favorable odds. Handicap -1 means that the team you bet on starts the game with a goal behind, meaning they need to win the match with two goals difference.
  • I want to put my money on a team with really high odds. Is this a good idea?

    We are not here to advise you. But there is a reason the odds are high: because chances are small that that team will win the match. So, you might win more, but the chances of winning are smaller.
  • I want to combine the outcome with the exact score, is this possible?

    You can combine such bets at most bookies, sometimes even in a single bet.

  • Where can I see the best odds for the bet I want to place?

    On BetFootball, we analyze the odds of the most trusted and competitive sportsbooks in Europe and offer you an overview of those odds per bet. You choose!