A Guide to Euro 2020 Betting

For Intermediate

You are about to enter the realm of the smart, the daring, and the experts. The world where knowledge, risk, and luck get rewarded, and where decent preparation can get you to hit the jackpot. A scene existing as an extension of a beautiful game, to make one beautiful sport – or religion, if you wish – even more exciting. We are talking football betting here, ladies and gentlemen. And today we are going to teach you how to become part of this fascinating community just in time for the Euro 2020 Champions kicking off in June 2021..

An important ground rule to start with, which even professional or more experienced bettors tend to forget, is that when you play with real money, you risk losing real money. In other words: only play with money you can afford to lose. In this guide, we mean to teach you everything about football betting, the ins, and outs, the terms, and principles, so that when you become more advanced, you can dive into the world of specific odds and bets that BetFootball has to offer and have you ready to win some bets at Euro 2020. But first things first: let’s look at what you need to do when you are just starting out.

How to bet on Euro 2020, the basics

When talking about the basics of football betting, it comes down to a handful one must keep in mind before placing a bet.

  • Research: when you have a website like BetFootball, it's a great chance to use the endless opportunities the website has to offer before placing a bet. You want to know the statistics of a team or certain player at Euro 2020, don’t you? Their winning streak, the team’s history with its opponent, their current flow, their season performance at home or away: it’s this information that might make the difference between winning or losing.
  • Odds: odds illustrate the probability of a team winning or losing. Not all websites use the same odds – this is where BetFootball comes in – but odds do give a general idea of how risky your bet is. A general rule is that bets with odds less than 1/3 are not worth it, while bets over 2/1 are usually a no-go because the chances of losing are high.
  • Risk: when betting, you take a risk, always. Even with bets with low odds, there is a chance of losing. But the risk doesn’t only get translated through odds, also through the number of matches, you bet on. So, another important rule: try to limit the number of Euro 2020 matches you bet on. Never bet on more than four matches.
  • Gut Feeling: this is a basic that doesn’t only work with football betting, but in life in general. If something feels too good to be true, it probably is. If you place a bet that you know you’ll probably lose, chances are high you’ll do so. Look, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little risk, but if you know beforehand you’ll lose, then why throw away your money?
  • Balance: always try to look at how much money you are spending with betting. How much do you deposit, and how much do you withdraw? Because in the end, if you are deep in the negative numbers, you might ask yourself if it’s worth continuing. Always keep an eye on your balance when betting. You don’t want to end up getting financial problems, and everything that comes with it, just because you like laying bets.

The two main betting types at Euro 2020

So, now you know the basics, it’s time to look to at the next step. There are two main types of bets sportsbooks often offer. We will take a look at those two.

  • Regular bets: regular bets are all bets placed before a match takes place. With some tournaments like Euro 2020, sportsbooks already offer the opportunity to predict all matches and outcomes, but normally a website ‘opens’ odds on a match 24 hours before the actual match takes place. Whatever the bet you place, it’s regular.
  • Live bets: when a Euro 2020 match starts, a bettor sometimes realizes that the team he or she betted on is playing differently than expected. Especially those with an eye for the game find they can better predict during than before a match. This is possible, by placing live bets. There are tons of different live bet options, but they all have in common that they apply directly to the game played and are placed while the match is taking place.

Most common subjects of betting at Euro 2020

So, now you know the basics and the types of Euro 2021 bets, and we can proceed by analyzing the most common subjects of betting.

Result: this is the most common bet, and also the one we recommend to the bettors who are recently starting. It’s plain simple: just as a match has three possible outcomes, you can bet on one of those three outcomes. Win, lose, or draw. Every outcome’s probability is illustrated by its odds. 


When England plays Scotland at home in Euro 2020, England might have around odds 1/1, as the favorite to win the game. Scotland, doing pretty well in the qualifiers but still an underdog in this particular game at odds of 3/1. A draw is also not very likely, but more likely than a Scotland win, so it will have odds of 2/1.

Please note that these are estimations for the basis of this example and do not correspond to any odds offered at this moment by one of our partners


This is also where the handicap bet comes in. You will see that sportsbooks sometimes offer a handicap on a team when they are favorite. If a team has a handicap -1, it means they will need to win with two goals difference. Handicap -2 means winning with three goals difference, and so forth. The odds on these bets are usually higher.

Other Bets at Euro 2020

  • Players: these are the figures that stand out during a match. The ones that make a difference. And the ones you can bet on – if you dare. Bets on individual players at Euro 2021 will always have higher odds because you bet on one of the 22 players on the pitch. But sometimes they are worth the try: a Mbappe, or a Ronaldo in top form is still very likely to end up on the score sheet. Some bets combine players with the results, for example, Robert Lewandowski scores against Spain and wins the game.

  • Goals: the number of goals scored in a Euro 202 match is also something you can bet on. Note that this doesn’t mean predicting the final score: betting on five goals in a Euro 2020 match can mean 5-0, but also 2-3. These are bets that often get combined with the result or final score bets though.

  • Match happenings: a football match is about more than scoring goals. Yellow cards, red cards, injuries, number of corners, number of free kicks, or, penalties: name it and you can bet on it. For example, C. Ronaldo often takes penalties fro Portugal. Whenever Portugal plays, many bookies take bets on whether he gets to take a penalty during a Euro 2020 match.

  • Final score: this is another tricky bet and therefore one that often gets rewarded with very tempting odds (meaning you are more likely to lose the bet). But if you feel sure, or lucky, why not take the bet? You bet on the exact outcome of the Euro 2020 match, the final score, whether it's 1-0 or 9-7 (odds differ here, of course).

We're excited for the Euro 2020

Football betting is something that makes an already beautiful game even more exciting and with Euro 2020 around the corner, there is ample opportunities to get involved. A win of your favorite team gets even more satisfying when you win a corresponding bet. But before you start football betting, be sure to know all the ins and outs. Be aware of the basics – stuff you need to have done before betting – such as doing research on Euro 2020 teams and matches, comparing odds on BetFootball, and checking your balance. 

After thorough preparation, you can lay your bets. You can then choose between regular and live, there is a wide range of subjects to choose from. Whether you want to bet on teams or individual players, on the final outcome or exact score, there is enough to choose from. Don’t forget to compare the odds on BetFootball, because after all: you want the finest odds when you play for real money!

Betting on Euro 2020 FAQ

  • Can I bet on the result of a match, even when the match has already begun?

    Yes, you can. The difference here is that you are live betting once betting on a match that has already started. Live betting is another form of betting, with odds changing as the match takes place.
  • I see a favorite in a match has higher odds thanks to a handicap -1. What does handicap mean?

    Betting on a team with a handicap makes up for more favorable odds. Handicap -1 means that the team you bet on starts the game with a goal behind, meaning they need to win the match with two goals difference.
  • I want to put my money on a team with really high odds. Is this a good idea?

    We are not here to advise you. But there is a reason the odds are high: because chances are small that that team will win the match. So, you might win more, but the chances of winning are smaller.
  • I want to combine the outcome with the exact score, is this possible?

    You can combine such bets at most bookies, sometimes even in a single bet.

  • Where can I see the best odds for the bet I want to place?

    On BetFootball, we analyze the odds of the most trusted and competitive sportsbooks in Europe and offer you an overview of those odds per bet. You choose!