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Are you looking for the best betting sites in the UK? Well, you are in the right place. BetFootball.com is an expert on all things betting across the UK, Europe, and further afield. We live and breathe the beautiful game, and we aim to pass all the knowledge and experience on to you.

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Betting at the best sites in the UK is the first step. We will explain how we research, review, and discuss the pros and cons of all the top UK bookmakers. It’s our commitment to deliver the most up-to-date list of top betting sites so you know exactly where to go to place your football bets. Don’t worry. Our lists are forever being checked and updated to ensure you only ever enjoy positive betting experiences. BetFootball has got you covered.

Featured UK Best Football Betting Sites

BetFootball will only list the top betting sites. We know what makes a betting site attractive to a betting fan. Why? Because every one of the BetFootball team are football betting fans. We would only ever recommend the sites that we use or would think about using ourselves. This fact alone should give you the trust you need to go ahead and sign up to the site that catches your eye here at BetFootball.

Not every trusted betting site is going to be suited to you, though. Perhaps you want a bookmaker that offers casino games on the side. Perhaps you just want a dedicated sports betting site. Maybe you want a site that delivers ongoing promotions every week, or maybe you don’t care much for bonuses and free bets.

It all comes down to your preferences, and don’t worry if you don’t know what those preferences are yet. We are here to talk you through all the features that matter. The BetFootball Promise:

  • Only the Best Betting Sites in the UK
  • Trust, Recommened & Fully Licensed
  • Reputable & Honest Betting Brands
  • Full Betting Markets & Great Odds
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How to choose the right bookmaker for you

One of the most important factors in football gambling is of course, finding the best bookies for football betting. As a site that prides itself on being a beat the bookies football tipster, we would not be doing our jobs correctly if we didn’t give you a breakdown of the best betting sites for football. However, finding the best bookmakers doesn’t just involve looking for the best football odds bookies provide their customers. It is much more layered than this and hopefully this article can give you a clearer picture of what to look out for.

Top Features at The Best Football Betting Sites in the UK - What to Look For in Your Football Bookies?

You want to place football bets, right? That is the one common goal we all have here, but there is a lot more to think about before placing that first bet at a new betting site. Many features combine to create a trustworthy and top bookmaker. We’ve got a list of those top features below, and it’s worth checking through these with your current bookmaker as well. If you are struggling to tick them all off, perhaps it’s time you found yourself a new betting site with the help of BetFootbal.com?

‘Football betting sites UK’ and ‘Best betting sites Ireland’ are probably two of many similar google searches that have been made by most if not all of our readers. However, the sheer volume of UK football betting sites and online betting sites in Ireland now available to customers can be overwhelming. New football betting sites are popping up on the regular so that is why we aim only to partner with the best bookies for football that are out there. Here’s a look at some things you should look out for when choosing the best online betting sites.

Football Markets  

When looking at the best football bookmakers an important thing to at is their football markets. What we are looking for here is quantity and quality. We want a broad range of markets ranging from the normal win/draw/win market to some interesting combinations for card, goals, and corners. The more choice you have the more likely you are to find a bet you like. We want quantity but we also want quality from our football bookies. Be on the lookout for special markets some bookmakers might offer and others don’t e.g., Bet 365 offers Asian handicap betting and not a lot of other bookmakers do.

Best Odds Guaranteed

As already mentioned, the best bookies for football will have some of the best odds. It's very difficult, even impossible, for even the best online football betting sites to have better odds than the competition across the board. So, it helps to shop around. Lucky for you if you do not have the time or do not wish to put in all that effort our very own beat the bookies football predictions source the best price at the time of writing and gives you the option to bet by simply following the link from our site. 

Beginner bettors often underrate odds, and this is a big mistake made by many. Odds are everything when it comes to football betting. The best possible odds will result in the best possible profits. It’s a simple fact, but one that is regularly dismissed as punters concentrate on the bet itself and not the odds being offered.

Our betting community is encouraged to sign up to at least two or three betting sites. Why? You would be surprised at the difference in odds between even the top betting sites. One site may focus on German football, and so there will be great Bundelisga odds. Other sites may focus on the Premier League, and while those EPL odds will be tempting, the odds for other leagues may be less so.

The fix? Manage several betting accounts and search across the sites for each bet you place. This way, you can be sure to make the most of your money and enjoy the biggest returns from the best odds. This is exactly how all the experienced football punters manage their bets. And you can do the same.

Welcome Bonuses, Promotions & Free Bets

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a free bet! You may get free bets when you sign up to a new betting site or there might be an ongoing bet club that offers free bets every week. Offers and promotions like this continue to attract the punter,  and the reason why? It boosts bankrolls and gives people the chance to bet with the bookies’ money. It’s a win-win situation!

Something that most UK football sites and Irish betting sites will do is to tempt customers with welcome Bonuses. These are great but sometimes a great welcome bonus is used to mask some other parts of the site that are lacking. A good indicator of a good site is not just a welcome bonus but regular promotions and free bets. Bet365 and Betfair in particular stand out in this regard.

It all depends on the promotion and bonus rules, but there are many excellent deals out there to be claimed. Free bets are a big thing here at BetFootball. We constantly monitor all the best sites to determine what bonus deals are on offer and whether they are worth claiming. You can find a long list of the best free bet offers right here on this site, so be sure to check them out.

Live Betting

Live betting or, in play betting is something all the best bookies for football should offer. It is simply betting on a market once the match or event has already started. Any bookmaker worth their salt will have this function available so an extra thing to look out for is how often the markets are suspended. Some bookmakers make it hard to live bet because markets are often suspended to prevent customers placing a bet in case there is an incident during the game that would affect the odds. Look out for bookmakers that only suspend for major events and not every few minutes.

Cash Out  

Another function that nearly all bookmakers will now offer. Same as for live betting try to find out which bookmakers offer the fairest cash out options during events. Also, keep an eye on how often cash out freezes. Just live for live betting some bookmakers may not give you enough time during an event to cash out. 

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile betting. What a game-changer! Most bettors place their wagers via their mobile devices nowadays. It’s a sign of the times and this fact is not going to change anytime soon. Mobile access to all the markets and in-play options is now an essential part of any online sportsbook. If a bookie can’t offer its community mobile betting, like at BetBull, then it may as well give up now.

You pick up your mobile device, type in the URL of your betting site, and log in - this is the essence of mobile betting. You want full access to the markets wherever you are in the world, and we guarantee that access in our UK bookie recommendations. We even highlight those sites that offer dedicated mobile football betting apps. Mobile betting is essential, and we’ve got you covered.

Customer Service  

A key factor to like out for when looking at online football betting sites. Any good football bookies will be able to offer a dedicated phone line, email address, and live chat service. What you want to look out for is the response time for each of these and in particular their live chat function. Before signing up don't be afraid to ask them a generic question to see how long it takes for you to get an answer.

Safety & Security

Even before looking at any of the above features, a bettor should make sure that the football bookies, they have chosen is safe and secure. There is a lot of technical jargon that can be involved here and it can cause a lot of confusion. A good sign is that they offer plenty of ways to deposit and withdraw. The simplest tip I can give you is to google reviews of the safety of the site. This should give you a condensed version of all the information you need.

Valid Betting License - The UKGC

In a world where there will always be good and bad, we will always choose the good. In fact, we always choose the best. Licensing is a huge topic and one that should be at the forefront of your mind when looking for a new betting site. The UKGC license is approved by perhaps the world’s strictest gambling authority. This is a positive thing. It means that you have a powerful group of people looking after your well-being in the gambling environment.

A long list of rules and regulations continually gets updated to ensure that betting sites in the UK operate correctly and safely. Customers are the number one priority. So, your gambling activity and personal data are both at the top of the list when it comes to protection. Betting with bookmakers that the UKGC has approved is always a must. Any betting site without a license needs to be discarded straight away. All our recommended sites are 100% licensed and safe.

Our Favorite Football Betting Sites

Above we mentioned some of the best online bookies football bettors should be on the lookout for. Here we will go through some more of the best bookies for football available to Uk and Irish customers. Don't forget, however, there are many more across our site so don't be afraid to have a browse!



Coral bookmakers are one of the most popular and best UK bookmakers that are also available to Irish users. Coral have been a stalwart of UK gambling for years and their online site has continued their legacy of reliability. One thing to look out for from Coral is promotions. In my opinion, they are one of the best football betting sites for promos.


William Hill  

Just like Coral, William Hill bookmakers are one of the top bookmakers UK gamblers use. William Hills' expansion into the American market seems to have benefited their whole site. Their markets have grown recently so now they offer much more betting options and now they also offer regular free bets and bet boosts which increase the odds of your selection.



Just like Coral bookmakers and William Hill bookmakers, Ladbrokes is a staple of the UK gambling industry. Ladbrokes however have a much bigger following in Ireland than the other two including a lot of gambling shops for Irish customers. Ladbrokes bookmakers are one of the best football odds bookies around, especially when it comes to betting on the Premiership.

bet365 logo

Bet 365

One of the best bookies for football and everything else. Bet 365 are the watermark for all other bookmakers in my opinion. They are the if not one of the best betting sites for football accumulators. Not only because they offer great odds but the more selections you choose, they boost your profits. For example, 3 selections they add another 5 percent to your profit if it wins, 4 selections another 10 percent, and so forth. 

Top 10 Best Football Betting Sites

Our Commitment To You

We are committed to providing the best football betting information on the internet. Full stop. There are no ifs or buts in that statement. We aim to be the best, and we will do that by passing all our knowledge, experience, and insight over to you. Making profits when betting on football is more than just picking a few quick winners. If you want to build a solid strategy, then you need to start thinking clearly and, essentially, stop following the crowds.

Accumulators are tempting, and you might win hundreds of thousands of pounds if all 14 selections come in. But realistically, is that going to happen? No, not really. Instead, bet sensible, and put your money on selections based on knowledge and research.

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Now that we have ran through what to look for in a bookies and gone through some of the best UK and Irish betting sites, we hope to have equipped you with the ability to become your own beat the bookies football tipster. Of course, there is still much to learn and luckily, we also still have much to teach. You can find out much more about the best bookies for football, some beat the bookies football predictions, and much much more by browsing our site so what are you waiting for?