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Euro 2020 Golden Boot Betting Preview – Karim Benzema

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The Golden Boot top longshot

Karim Benzema was on fire this season for Real Madrid, scoring a total of 30 goals in all competitions. He played a great deal of football this season, making 45 appearances and his excellent form makes him a great contender for the Euro 2020’s Golden Boot. The 33 year old has got some tough competition, both internally with the likes of Kylian Mbappé, Pogba and Rabiot as well as from some of the finest talent other European teams have to offer. Bookmakers are expecting France to enter the final stages of the tournament, but Benzema’s success in front of goal will depend greatly on the team’s ability to supply quality balls and whether or not he gets the ample playing time.

Will Benzema’s Form Continue?

Benzema has not worn the French kit since 2015 after Didier Deschamps removed the forward from the squad due to a controversial incident involving teammate Valbuena. Returning to the International team and what is probably his last Euro’s, Benzema will be looking to end his international career on a high note.

Making a mark on the Group of Death is going to be tough to say the least. The talent in that group is impressive and it’s going to take a touch of class to stand out from the star-studded group. Cristiano Ronaldo will be looking to defend the championship and his experience in finding the net in big games will be a tough one for Benzema to top.

Deschamps’s selection upfront presents plenty of possibilities, however, only time will tell whether Benzema will make it into the starting 11. The French manager was adamant on keeping Benzema excluded from the squad regardless of his fiery form, but was convinced to add him to the squad by some of France’s elite retirees.

Benzema’s Chances For The Golden Boot

There’s no arguing that the Frenchman has had a terrific season and with a total of 30 goals in all competitions, he’s been drawing attention. In reality, betting on Benzema to win the Golden Boot is a long shot but with odds of 20/1, it makes a tenner well worth the bet.

Benzema’s Golden Boot chances depend on the playing time Deschamps will allow, so always be cautious when betting on a player to win the Golden Boot. Always look for players who are monumental to the team and even though Karim is a great finisher. We’re still not convinced he’ll have a secure spot in the starting 11, but if he does then his real odds will be much lower and the value picked up at 20/1, using one of our recommended sportsbooks who all have great welcome offers for you to use, could pay out a terrific win.

Benzema’s 2021 Statistics

Karim Benzema brings a lot to the table - strong at holding onto the ball, accurate passing and he’s an assassin in front of goal. To really get a better understanding of Benzema’s performance this season, we’ve compiled some statistics to help you make more informed betting decisions.

La Liga 2021:

Matches Played - 33

Goals Scored - 23

Shots - 123

Shot on target - 43%

Assists - 9

Completed Passes - 85%

It’s pertinent to point out that with 23 goals, Benzema finished second on the La Liga top scorers table and is also the second most successful La Liga season after the 2015/2016 campaign where he netted 24 goals for Real Madrid.

Comparing the talent that’s up for the Golden Boot, Karim’s fellow teammate Mbappe, has 51% of his shots on target and found the net 27 times from 27 matches played. It all comes down to the performances on the day and both players have been in stellar form, but one thing’s for certain - there’s no room for error in front of goal in the Group of Death.

Is Benzema A Right Fit for France?

France have been performing very well in all competitions without Karim Benzema and one wouldn’t say that he’s really been missed. They made it to the final in Portugal back in 2016 and moved on to win the World Cup two years later, eliminating Belgium, Uruguay and Croatia along the way.

Many players are excited to have Benzema back in the squad. Karim flourished when Ronaldo left Real Madrid and there’s no doubt that that extra responsibility and experience are what’s needed in the French side.

Following their home defeat to Finland back in November, France went on to win four out of their five next matches but, considering the talent they have throughout the team, the winning results were far from impressive. Karim Benzema will be a great addition to the squad and a player of his caliber is not going to be happy sitting on the bench. Mbappé posted a social media post with Benzema when training for France expressing his excitement for the duo to play together up front, we're hoping for it as well.

Betting on Euro 2020 FAQ

  • Can I bet on the result of a match, even when the match has already begun?

    Yes, you can. The difference here is that you are live betting once betting on a match that has already started. Live betting is another form of betting, with odds changing as the match takes place.
  • I see a favorite in a match has higher odds thanks to a handicap -1. What does handicap mean?

    Betting on a team with a handicap makes up for more favorable odds. Handicap -1 means that the team you bet on starts the game with a goal behind, meaning they need to win the match with two goals difference.
  • I want to put my money on a team with really high odds. Is this a good idea?

    We are not here to advise you. But there is a reason the odds are high: because chances are small that that team will win the match. So, you might win more, but the chances of winning are smaller.
  • I want to combine the outcome with the exact score, is this possible?

    You can combine such bets at most bookies, sometimes even in a single bet.

  • Where can I see the best odds for the bet I want to place?

    On BetFootball, we analyze the odds of the most trusted and competitive sportsbooks in Europe and offer you an overview of those odds per bet. You choose!