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Euro 2020 Golden Boot Betting Preview – Cristiano Ronaldo

For Beginner

Defending champion

The man, the myth, the legend. Few players garner as much attention from sports bettors than Cristiano Ronaldo does, but at 9/1 does he make for a good futures bet for capturing the Euro 2020 Golden Boot? Few goal scorers in history have a nose for the net quite like Ronald does, as he has been a prolific player wherever he has played. At the age of 36, does Ronaldo still have what it takes to dominate a tournament like he once did?

This season with Juventus, Ronaldo has shown little sign of slowing down, potting 27 goals in 30 matches so far. It is hard to deny a player with the history of Ronaldo, especially when he has excelled on the international stage. Now, in perhaps his final tournament as the leader of Portugal, Ronaldo has the difficult task of trying to repeat as Euro Cup champions in 2020.

A tough road for Portugal

Fifa certainly did not do Portugal any favors though, as Ronaldo finds himself in the Group of Death alongside previous finalist France, and perennial powerhouse Germany. If Portugal has any hope of advancing deep into the tournament, Ronaldo will need to be relied upon to have another big performance.

Betting against one of the best pure goal scorers in the history of the sport is never a long-term winning proposition, but even the sharpest bettors have to admit that this time, the odds are stacked high against Ronaldo. With the most difficult path to reaching the finals once again, Portugal will not only face stiff competition, but will have to play against two teams that traditionally do not allow a lot of goals.

Last chance to bet on Ronaldo

At 9/1 odds, Ronaldo is in the group right after Harry Kane as favorites to win the Golden Boot, but how much of that is his brand name? Just as Tiger Woods attracts bettors in every PGA tournament he plays, so too does Ronaldo because of his past accolades. . Ronaldo is always a great bet, but at Euro 2020, it seems like too many obstacles to overcome for the low odds that he presents.
Nonetheless, this is probably the last chance to bet on Ronaldo as top scorer in a Euro championship and have a decent chance at winning. We all know Ronaldo is going to to do whatever he can to get Portugal through the group - if he hits his form it might not matter who his competition is.

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Betting on Euro 2020 FAQ

  • Can I bet on the result of a match, even when the match has already begun?

    Yes, you can. The difference here is that you are live betting once betting on a match that has already started. Live betting is another form of betting, with odds changing as the match takes place.
  • I see a favorite in a match has higher odds thanks to a handicap -1. What does handicap mean?

    Betting on a team with a handicap makes up for more favorable odds. Handicap -1 means that the team you bet on starts the game with a goal behind, meaning they need to win the match with two goals difference.
  • I want to put my money on a team with really high odds. Is this a good idea?

    We are not here to advise you. But there is a reason the odds are high: because chances are small that that team will win the match. So, you might win more, but the chances of winning are smaller.
  • I want to combine the outcome with the exact score, is this possible?

    You can combine such bets at most bookies, sometimes even in a single bet.

  • Where can I see the best odds for the bet I want to place?

    On BetFootball, we analyze the odds of the most trusted and competitive sportsbooks in Europe and offer you an overview of those odds per bet. You choose!