A Guide to the Best Football Betting Apps

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Football betting apps have taken online betting to new heights as they hit the trifecta for player satisfaction: convenience, ease of access, and speed. All the best football betting sites have one that’s available for both Android and iOS users. The truth is that bookmakers want punters to have betting apps on their phones as they’re only a couple of taps away from placing a bet.

On the other hand, it’s very convenient for punters to have the option to wager at any time, which means betting apps are a win-win situation, and betting sites that don’t have are grossly missing out on great potential. On this page, we’ll cover all there is to know about the best football betting apps, how to download them, their features, and everything in between.

What is a Football Betting App?

A football betting app is a mobile application that is solely dedicated to football betting. All the major football betting sites in the UK offer them as they have a multitude of advantages for the players (see below). Faster internet speeds and improvement in mobile technology have paved the way for improved betting experiences on mobile and even though mobile sites do a pretty good job, football betting apps are the way forward.

These apps vary from one online bookmaker to another but many have common features that are convenient for players that have accounts at multiple betting sites. Some of the best have unique features that players look for, which will be discussed in the section below.

Advantages of Football Betting Apps

If you’re a little skeptical about adding one to your phone, rest assured that the advantages outweigh any doubts you might be having. The following are some of the main advantages for downloading one:

Ultimate Convenience

Forget being shackled to your desk or browsing the internet on your phone to get to your favourite betting site. With a couple of taps, you’ll have access to thousands of bets at your disposal, taking convenience in online betting to a whole new level.

Odds Change

Things can change very quickly in football. Whether a player got injured ahead of the game or dropped at the last minute, betting odds will reflect that and can change very quickly. If you’re on top of your game, you can quickly take advantage of the change, depending on your betting strategy.

Speed & User Experience

There’s no doubt that speed plays a significant role in online betting. Sometimes, players don’t have too much time to place a bet and slow loading times can be the decisive factor for switching to a competitor. They are designed with speed and user experience in mind so players can spend more time wagering their intended bets and less time waiting.

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What Features Do The Best Football Betting Apps Have?

Football betting apps are bursting with special features that add that extra element of excitement to online sports betting. While many features are common amongst many betting apps, you’ll find some which are unique to a particular bookmaker. Some of the best features available are:

Bet In-Play or Live Betting

These days, live betting is available on all football betting apps as in-play betting has become a staple feature across the industry. For those who are new to sports betting, live or in-play betting involves placing wagers on events while the action is unfolding.

Bet Builder

Probably one of the most popular features that can be found inside UK football betting apps. The bet builder allows punters to combine multiple bets from a single game into one. For instance, if Chelsea are playing Tottenham, you could pick both teams to score, Lukaku to score first, and over 10.5 corners, all combined into one bet. This is particularly useful if you have expert knowledge of a particular team.


Accumulators, or accas, are a standard feature on any betting site and probably the most used feature within their apps too. Accas can be as small or large as you’d like, but the more games you include, the harder your chances of winning will become.

Cash-out Feature

The cash-out is a nifty little feature that took online betting by storm, as it allows punters to cash in on their bet before all the games are settled. The cash-out feature is available at all the major football betting apps and is highly sought after due to its many advantages. For instance, if you place a treble bet (accumulator bet with three selections) and two of your selections come through but the last one is still in-play, the bookmaker will make you an offer to cash out your bet. Needless to say, the closer you are to winning the treble bet, the higher the offer will be. The cash-out feature adds a special thrill to betting online and there’s nothing more convenient than using this feature/

Live Streaming

The best football betting apps will have a live streaming feature that allows players to stream games they wagered on directly through the app. Live streaming uses quite a bit of mobile data, so be sure to be connected to WiFi for the best streaming experience.

A look at the Ladbrokes Football Betting App

Football Betting Apps vs Mobile Sites

Football betting apps are designed with the end-user in mind. As explained in the sections above, the players want a fast and easy way to access the sportsbook and even though mobile betting sites are similar to the betting apps, they’re not up to par on certain factors.

When navigating a football betting site, each time you click between competitions or bet types, the site needs to load and the user needs to wait for it to finish. Using them will be seamless all the way through, with no need for loading times or uncomfortable navigation.

Another factor to consider is they were specifically designed for users to operate with their thumbs. This means that all elements, buttons, and sections were designed for mobile use, as opposed to a mobile site that automatically fits the webpage on your mobile device.

What Are The Best Football Betting Apps?

There are countless football betting apps available, however, we’ve narrowed down the list to a few that meet the criteria to label them the best and these are:


BetBull App

BetBull takes a different approach to the traditional football betting apps as it focuses on its social feature where players can interact, support each other, and share tips through the betting app. BetBull’s football betting app is very straightforward and easy to use. One of the most attractive features of the app is that it allows players to see what other players are betting on and to check the bets with the community.


William Hill App

William Hill is one of the oldest bookmakers in the UK and has been delighting players’ expectations since the early days. Moving on to 2021, William Hill's football betting app caters to millions of punters who demand a huge selection of bets on many competitions. WilliamHill does not disappoint. With acca insurances, bet-builders, and cash-outs the norm on apps, it comes as no surprise that William Hill is a player favourite in the UK. Navigation is seamless throughout, with the main functions available to players at the bottom.

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PaddyPower App

If you’re looking for a supercharged football betting app with a multitude of creative bets and accas, look no further than PaddyPower! The app is fast, robust and with effortless navigation in order to deliver the best mobile betting experience. The PaddyPower betting app includes all the features described in the sections above and the app is fully customizable. You can choose to add or remove sports from your menu for quicker access to your favourite sports. PaddyPower is known for its fair promotions, particularly the ‘Justice Payouts’ where players are paid out when a clearly unjust decision is made on the pitch.


Ladbrokes App

Ladbrokes are one of the leaders in UK online betting and their app reflects that. The state-of-the-art app is lightning fast, fully customizable, and has been updated over time to continuously improve the experience. Through the Ladbrokes football betting app, you’ll be able to bag their welcome offer, secure the best accas and use a multitude of other features available exclusively on the betting app.

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Bet365 App

The Bet365 football betting app is bursting with features that are available exclusively through the app. The standard cash builder, cash-out, live streaming, and in-play betting are all available, however, the Bet365 football betting app has far more to offer. The ‘Personalised Display’ lets players customize the entire sports betting section while the ‘My Alerts’ feature allows users to receive tailored bets and sporting events through notifications on their phone. The best feature of them all is the ‘Edit Bet’ feature where punters are able to add, remove or swap bet selection and even change the bet type on all pre-match and in-play bets that are unsettled.

How We Review Football Betting Apps

Here at betfootball.com, we have a set of criteria that these apps need to meet in order to make it on our site and the following is a brief overview of the review process:

User Experience

The best apps are designed with the end-user in mind in order for players to return to the app and not switch to a competitor. A sportsbook platform can be very overwhelming to the new user, so we look for betting apps with a clear menu and display, with navigation that is as close to seamless as possible. If the app is too busy and is hard to use, we will not recommend it to you.

Free Bets

Downloading an app is quite a thing to ask from players and as a reward for doing so, online bookmakers offer free bets or tailored welcome offers that are only available via the betting app. We know that not all bonuses are created equal, so we filter through the good, the bad and the ugly to ensure we’re recommending nothing but the best to our readers.

Special Features

We pay particular attention to the features that are available on our bookmaker's apps. This is because online bookmakers are constantly refining their betting apps to improve player experience and we believe special features significantly influence players' decisions when downloading one.

Betting App Software

Whether you’re looking for betting apps for android or betting apps for iPhone, you’ll be delighted to discover that the betting experience is identical on all mobile devices. These days, both Android and Apple users can enjoy the same betting apps as they’re on par with device quality but for an even greater experience, try betting apps on devices with a larger screen.


If you’re looking for a superior betting experience on mobile, there’s absolutely no reason to not download one of our bookmakers' apps. There are many advantages and special features available only on betting apps and they don’t store much data on your mobile device. You’ll always be a few taps away from accessing thousands of bets and you are able to customize the apps in various ways, with the option to send you notifications of upcoming sporting events. Football betting apps have come a long way since their inception and have improved the mobile betting experience on a grand scale.

Football Betting Apps FAQ

  • What are the best football betting apps for Android?

    Some of the best football betting apps for android include Paddy Power, William Hill, and BetBull.
  • What are the best football betting apps for Apple?

    For Apple users, the best include Ladbrokes, Bet365 and 888Sport.
  • Can I Claim Free Bets & Promotions on Football Betting Apps?

    Absolutely! You can definitely bag the same free bets and promotions on betting apps as you can on a betting site. In fact, you may find even more available on apps than on the site!