Your Guide to Football Promos

Your Guide to Free Bets, Odds Boosts Acca Insurance, Cashback Deals & More!

Football promotions can be the perfect partner to your betting strategy. After all, who wouldn’t like a free bet to use? Whether that’s a free bet from a deposit or a no deposit bonus, you are getting extra money to bet with. Online bookmakers are becoming more geared towards loyalty and rewarding members who regularly stick around and bet with them. Those rewards come in various forms, from free credits and enhanced odds to boosted accas and cashback deals. 

If you are new to all this, it can seem like a confusing world of bonuses out there, but fear not.  We are here to explain everything.  Follow our advice, anjd you can learn how to benefit from the right offers and promotions that come your way as a football bettor.

Types of Football Promotions

As we mentioned, there are many football betting promotions out there right now. We’ll talk you through the most common bonuses and explain what they are, how they work, why you should use them, and where to find them. There are many bonuses on the internet, but it’s the art of knowing what a good and bad bonus looks like that separates the intelligent punters from the casual, carefree football fans.  So, let’s get to it.

Free Bets

Free bets are at the core of any top online sportsbook. You’ll find them at the start when you sign up and register your account in the shape of a welcome bonus. You’ll also find free bets for existing customers being offered through the promotions page and via loyalty programmes. In short, bet with the right sportsbook, and you can find plenty of free bets coming your way.

How do free bets work? Well, firstly, they can be offered as a freebie, or you can pick them up when you make a deposit. It all depends on the offer. Once you get your free bet, you’ll be able to place it on any market that meets the terms and conditions. T&Cs are a vital part of any bonus. They outline how you can use the bet and any payout and bet limits that are linked in.

So, why use a free bet? It’s the perfect way to try out different betting markets. If you find some no deposit free bets, why not try using it on some long odds? If it wins, great. If it loses, you lose nothing. Or simply try adding the bet to your betting strategy to give yourself a bigger bankroll. Just don’t forget to use it before it expires.

You can find these types of bets everywhere. Coral free bets are a popular choice for many punters. Paddy Power and Sky Bet are also generous in handing out free bets and running free bet loyalty clubs. If you enjoy placing bets on the go, there are also some great betting apps with free bets out there. Sky Bet and Bet365 both provide handy betting apps to download.

One thing is for sure: you will always find free bets to use. Remember to check the bonus terms and conditions and do your research before you bet!

Enhanced Odds

The enhanced odds promotion has become a solid favourite amongst sports betting fans. Once only favoured for horse racing, you can now use them in the football markets. Basically, this promotion is when the sportsbooks provide much bigger odds than the overall market on a particular bet. You can then win back a lot more money than you usually would.

Usually found on premium events, football enhanced odds are often heavily promoted. You may see something like “Ronaldo to Score 2+ Goals - Was 5.00, Now 10.00”. As you can see, you can double your money using this promotion. Enhanced odds can be found on all types of betting markets, though, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

If you already have an idea for a bet and you then see the same bet offered with boosted odds, it makes sense to go ahead and boost your potential winnings. Enhanced odds can also help highlight any popular markets for beginners. This is why you can often find this type of promotion available to new customers, although there are plenty for existing members too.

We recommend checking the William Hill enhanced odds if you’re looking for the best deals. Will Hill has been at the top of the betting game for many years now and knows exactly what punters are looking for in football and betting bonuses.

Acca Bonus

The football accumulator. Also lovingly known as the acca. It’s perhaps the most famous of all bets in the sportsbook, mainly because you can bet so little and potentially win a lot. Due to its popularity, you will often find acca bonus offers that boost your winnings. Win a 5-selection acca and get a 5% boost, or win a 15-selection acca and get a 40% boost. You get the idea. 

Accumulator bets are great fun, and punters can spend a lot of time researching which betting markets to choose. You don’t have to pick results, either. You could go for over/under goals or both teams to score. Accas are a big hit with punters, so where is the best place to find acca offers? Bet365 acca bonus offers are some of the best around, and it’s a great place to start.

Acca Insurance

As you can tell from the last promotion, accumulator bets are fun, but they are also notorious for being hard to predict. This leads us to another acca bonus, the acca insurance bonus. We often recommend reducing the number of selections in your acca, as this is the best way of making a profit in the long run. Still, acca insurance offers help give you some security if you decide to go ahead with big accumulators.

So, what is acca insurance? Essentially, you can get your bet amount back as a bonus if you get one selection wrong. You often need to meet a minimum number of selections, such as at least 6+ selections. If one selection is incorrect, you’ll get your insurance bet back. All the top betting brands run this promotion. Some of the best sites include the Ladbrokes acca insurance and Paddypower acca insurance offers.


Cashback was once only used in online casinos, but sportsbooks have now taken the promotion on board with a lot of success. The top cash back deals essentially give the punter a percentage of money back. It’s common within loyalty and VIP clubs where bigger percentages are given in relation to your status. The bigger your status, the more cashback you’ll get.

How does cashback work? In a nutshell, cashback is calculated via your losing bets over a set period. It could be a day, week, or month. That percentage of losses is linked to status levels, so newcomers may get 5%, while big VIP customers may get up to 40%+ of their net losses. It’s always nice to get something back, especially after those times when luck is not on your side.

The best place to find these cash back rewards? Try checking out Coral, Paddy Power, and Betfair. All these bookies run rewarding cashback deals for their members, so try and join a sportsbook where they give some of your money back. It makes complete sense and means that you can try to bet again and, hopefully, come away with some winnings.

Early Payout

Early payout bonuses are one of those sportsbook promotions that make the most sense. How often have you backed a team to win that score a couple of goals but then throw it all away in the last moments of the match? Or perhaps you’ve placed a bet on a team to win the Premiership, but they slip away in the last few matches and come second.

There are early payout promotions available that can help you out in these situations. The latter of the two we just explained is not so common. Sportsbooks may payout on a team to win the Premiership before they have won, but this may only become available after you have put the bet on. It’s more of a special offer than a standard bonus promotion. However, there is a promotion that can help you out with the goals scenario, and we will explain that next.


Most bookies run an early payout promotion based on a “2 Goals Up” setting. This means if you back a team to go “2 Goals Up”, the bookie pays out as soon as that team goes two goals ahead. You could see a quick 2-0 take place in the first ten minutes, and you would get your winnings in full when that second goal goes in. You don’t have to wait until full-time and suffer any drama or potential comebacks.

The Bet365 early payout promotions are some of the most popular around. You can choose from many different football matches to place your bet on. Many punters back the underdog because we often see them score a quick couple of goals against bigger teams. They may not go on to win the match, but that doesn’t matter because you’ve already secured your winnings. 

We would also suggest giving the paddy power early payout offers a closer look to compare overall market depth on this type of promotion.

Final thoughts

You will find numerous free bets and bonus promotions throughout your time at online sportsbooks. Some sites are better and more rewarding than others. Therefore, we suggest you follow our advice and take our recommendations when searching for free bet bonuses. Not all bonuses and free bets will be right for you, but there are many out there, and you can be sure to find the right one with our expert football betting guidance.