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Make the Best of your Football Bets

For Beginner

On this page, you’ll find our comprehensive betting guides, which have been created to help you have more success and more fun while placing sports bets online. Whether you’re new to the world of sports betting or you’ve been placing bets on your favourite sports for some time, we’re sure that these guides will provide you with the knowledge you need to be more successful. 

While we can’t guarantee results, you can be sure that all of the information is provided by our betting experts, who have been placing bets on sports for many years and know all the ins and outs of the industry. Read on to find out more information on our sports betting guides, or take a look at some of our guides on this page. We have guides on specific sports as well as general guides to give you more insight into how sports betting works.

Introduction to Sports Betting

Getting started with sports betting can be challenging. There are lots of different terms, phrases and ways to bet, and it’s often very confusing for newcomers. Don’t worry, everyone was a beginner once, and our experts are available to help. Before you start betting real money, we advise taking a look through our betting guides so you can make better, more informed bets. 

Put simply, sports betting is the act of putting a real money wager on the outcome of a sporting event. For example, you might bet that Aston Villa will lose to Manchester City, or that Paris Saint Germain will win the Champions League. When you place a bet, you’re risking your money (the stake), and if you’re successful, you’ll receive a payout based on the odds. If your bet is unsuccessful, your stake is lost, and you won’t get it back.

There are a huge number of events and markets to bet on, especially if you’re betting online. The vast majority of betting is now done online at online bookmakers and sportsbooks, thanks to the large variety of options bettors have. Most online sites offer a long list of events in just about every sport and there are usually bonuses and other features too.

Joining an online sports betting site is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is choose a legal and licenced site in your country and then create an account, adding your personal information where needed. Once your account is set up, you can make a deposit and start betting. Just be sure to read our guides carefully before you do!

What is a Betting Guide?

A betting guide is a collection of expert advice and explanations on how to make the most of your bets. Everyone wishes that every bet they place could be a winner and while we can’t promise that, we can help you understand how betting works and how to make informed bets that have a higher chance of success. When you read our betting guides, you’ll be able to learn about the best types of bets, how to manage your bankroll, what kind of odds and events to look out for and much more. 

Betting is a lot of fun, but there’s always a risk of losing money whenever you place a wager. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you understand what you’re betting on and what options you have. With our betting guides, you have a better chance of success and will hopefully have more fun too.

Is it Possible to Beat the Bookies?

The bookies are the bookmakers, those in charge of setting the odds and accepting bets from bettors. While it’s possible to win from sports bets, most people will tell you that the house always wins, and it’s impossible to win consistently and make a profit in the long term. However, this statement is too bold and actually incorrect as there are lots of methods you can choose to reduce your risk and get an edge over the bookies.

  • Our guides will give you tips, tricks and strategies to help you beat the bookies and make successful sports bets. 

Although we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to win consistently, it’s definitely possible, and our experts can give you the knowledge you need to succeed. By following our betting guides, you give yourself a slight edge compared to other players and can also gain an edge over the bookmakers. 

Who Writes Our Betting Guides?

Our betting guides are all written by sports betting experts who have been betting and sharing their knowledge on how to bet for many years. Whether you’re a casual bettor, completely new to sports betting or have been placing bets for many years, our experts can offer their advice and insights into how bookmakers work and how to spot the best odds. 

What Kind of Guides Do We Offer

We offer guides on all different types of betting, including the following:

Explaining Betting Odds

This is one of the most important guides for any new bettors. Here, you’ll be able to learn everything about odds, including what they are and how to understand them. The guide provides details on how you can calculate your potential return from odds, the different types of odds and how to find the best odds online. 

Football Betting Guide

This guide is perfect for anyone looking to bet on football, especially on European football events such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and the Champions League. You’ll learn how to choose the best events to bet on, the different types of betting markets offered on football and how to find value in football bets. 

Choosing the Right Sports Betting Site

Choosing the right bookmaker is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when it comes to sports betting. Different bookmakers offer different odds, bonuses, events and features, so your choice will make a big difference to your betting experience. 

  • Here, at BetFootball we feature the best and most profitable bookmakers to generate a profit long-term

Types of Betting Markets

Sports betting sites offer a range of different markets, including correct score, match result, over/under, handicaps and goalscorers. It’s important to know the differences between these markets and to know which are the best options to bet on. Our guide explains all of this in detail, helping you make better bets.

Advanced Betting Guide

If you’ve already been betting for some time, you might want to check out our advanced betting guide. Here you’ll learn everything that will help you take your bets to the next level, including arbitrage bets, exchange betting and how to properly make the most of cashing out.

Sports Betting Bonus Guide

Most online sports betting sites in Europe offer bonuses to new accounts to encourage people to sign up. These bonuses often provide free bets or other deals that make betting more fun and less risky when you first join. Our sports betting bonus guide gives you all the information on bonuses, including how to use them and which terms and conditions to be aware of.

In-play Betting Guide

In-play bets allow you to bet on games currently in progress, giving you a way to make live sports even more exciting. Most bookmakers offer in-play betting on major sports, and there are lots of different things to be aware of when it comes to choosing and placing bets on live sport. This guide explains general in-play betting tips as well as how to use features such as cashout.

Sports Betting Terms

One of the most confusing parts of sports betting for a beginner is the terms used. Here’s a quick glossary of some of the most common terms you’ll find on sports betting sites:

  • Acca - Acca is short for an Accumulator, which is a special bet made of multiple bets all rolled into one. For the Acca to win, all of the bets must be successful. The more bets an accumulator has, the lower the chance of winning, but the higher the odds - and therefore the payouts - are. Some accumulators can return massive winnings for a very small bet. 
  • Asian Handicap - This is a form of handicap betting that’s very popular in Asia, hence the name. It’s usually available on football matches and gives a goal handicap to one of the teams, bringing odds closer for games where there’s a big favourite. If you bet on the handicapped team, they’ll need to score more than the handicap for your bet to win. 
  • Decimal Odds - Decimal odds are a way of displaying the odds with numbers such as 2.00, 3.50 and 6.20. To calculate your return, you simply need to multiply your stake by the number. For example, if you placed a £10 bet on an event with odds of 3.50 and it was successful, the return would be £35.
  • Each Way - Each way bets are commonly available in lots of sports where the bet is on an outright winner of a race or championship. If the bettor isn’t certain which option will win, they can place an each way, and even if their selection comes second, they will still win a portion of their stake. An each way bet consists of two separate bets, to win and to place, so you’ll be paid twice in the event of a win.
  • Evens - Evens or even money is used to describe a bet that has odds of 1/1 or 2.0. With this bet, you’ll have your stake doubled if you win. So if you bet £10 on an even money bet, you’ll get back £20.
  • Favourite - The favourite is the team or selection that’s favoured in terms of the odds. If you bet on the favourite, your chance of winning is probably higher, but the payout is lower. 
  • Fractional Odds - Fractional odds are the most common way to display odds at UK bookmakers. These odds include 1/1, 7/2, 11/1 and others. 
  • Market - A market is a specific type or category of bet, for example, correct score, handicap, match result, half time result and anytime goalscorer. 
  • Odds - Odds are a representation of how much you can stand to win back from a bet. Bettors look for the best odds that will give them the highest payout compared to the risk of the bet, and while most sites have similar odds, you can often find a lot of variance, especially when checking smaller sites. 
  • Outsider - The outsider or underdog is the team or selection that is less likely to win. When you bet on the outsider, the chances of success are usually slimmer, but the potential returns are often much bigger. 
  • Picks - Picks or selections are the options you pick when you place your bet. 
  • Return - The return is how much you win back from a successful bet and usually includes your stake too.
  • Scorecast - Scorecast is a type of betting market where you can choose the goal scorer as well as the score. So you might bet on Manchester United to win 2-1 and Marcus Rashford to score at any time. 
  • Void Bet - A void bet is a situation where your stake is returned to you. Different bookmakers have different rules for void bets, but you might have your bet voided if the game is cancelled for whatever reason. 

Responsible Betting

While it’s possible to make money from sports betting, you should always treat it for what it is: risking money for entertainment. The key is to enjoy it and to play responsibly, as although betting is fun, you’re always risking real money. Gambling can become a problem for some people if they’re not careful, and this can lead to betting more than they can afford to lose. Here at BetFootball, we encourage everyone to bet responsibly and to seek help if you feel you’re developing a problem with gambling. 

Here are a few tips to help you stay in control of your betting and bet responsibly:

  • Keep a record of how much you spend and set a budget to stay in control.
  • Avoid placing impulsive bets and avoid betting while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and always consider the money in your betting account as money already spent.
  • If you’re having trouble keeping to your budget or spending too much time on a betting site, use the gambling control tools in your account settings.