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The Ultimate Euro 2020 In-Play Betting Guide

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The 2020 European Championship is here and ready to kick off this summer in Stadiums all across Europe. Like every other sporting event, people can place money on certain outcomes with hopes of winning some money in return. In this article, we will give you a complete guide on how you won’t miss any of the benefits of betting in-play at the 2020 European championship. This guideline will help you reach your full potential as bettor during the tournament and get you ready to place bets while the match you're watching is live, here's our In-Play betting guide!

Here's what you'll find in the article:

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In-Play Betting Guide

When looking at in-play betting or live betting, bettors tend to consider it easier. This is because they have more information than what was available before the game started.

The In-Play Betting option gives you a chance to change your mind or to be certain concerning your selections if certain things go your way during a match. For example, if Harry Kane scored England’s first goal, the odds for the “Three Lions'' ensuring a win for their team will change (can increase or decrease).

Depending on what platform you stake through, the odds for a club during outright betting are always higher than the in-play odds. Simply because the game is already in action and betting can be dictated through what is already happening.

Let’s look at an example.

In a game where Spain is playing against Germany, Spain could be the favorite with odds set at 5/1. But if Spain scores the first goal, then those odds will be even lower. Germany scoring the first goal will also affect the already set down order of things in the game.

There are two distinct advantages of in-play betting. One is the fact that you can live-bet on every game at the Euro 2020 tournament. The other is the number of betting options that are consequently made available to you due to the already set order of the game in-play.

Make use of changing odds.

The constant change of odds is a big advantage for you as a bettor. The bookmakers are particularly good at their jobs, setting the market very accurately. They can sometimes make it hard to find any value in your selections. Most of the bigger bookmakers will have one trader for a match, and others will have the in-betting odds automated so there could potentially be some value for you depending on who you bet on.

In-play betting advantages

Another good thing about in-play betting is that you can use your knowledge of football to make better judgments and decisions. 

For example, if England goes a goal down to Scotland, the bookmaker will put England’s price to win up. The change in the Euro 2020 odds for that match might not be huge, but it could go from 4/1 to 8/1. So knowing how good the Three Lions are before staking an in-play bet on them to win is a good investment. You stand a chance to win more money in return.

To be able to do this properly, you must have more understanding and knowledge about clubs/teams and their players. So, these are beneficial ways in which the in-play betting market at the Euro’s can be used. More often than not, you will get better opportunities to win more money or cover the impending loss on your previous bets.

bet in-play

Here are some useful hints and tips on in-play or live betting:

Start small

First, you should start small. Although, it could take a while for you to get it down to a fine science. You can do this by staking small money on bets. Your return on investment might be little. This method will ensure that you don’t lose much. Remember, “experience is key”.

Keep an eye on your bets and your win/loss record

This is an important one, you could tip every match of Spain’s group stage correctly. You probably have made just €15 profit. So if you splash as much as €50 on their next match in the knockout stage, there is a good chance you might win your bet. Hence, keeping track will also let you know how you spend your money, as you probably won’t notice the small losses that build up and leave you with no money left.

Bet pre-game if you are confident

If you think you have a good handle on who is going to win a match outright, then bet on them in the pre-game. If Portugal is playing Hungary then a pre-game bet on Portugal winning is a solid foundation for your money. If they take the lead, with all the in-play Euro 2020 betting options, you can make even more money.

Be quick with your bets

This one is imperative. During a match, the in-play betting odds are constantly changing and if you are not quick and careful enough when you place your bet, your bet could be rejected.

For example, England is leading Germany 2-1 heading into the second half, the odds for England to win will be small but then should Germany equalize, the odds will go up. If you are still confident of the Three Lions winning, you can place a live bet on them to win and if they do, you will have two winning bets. With one having much better odds than the pre-game one.

If you don't want to worry about having the bet you're trying to place rejected due to odds changes, please note that a lot of our partners have an option available to automatically accept any odds change that might have happened in the time it took for you to enter your stake amount. Usually it'll be a box available to tick off on the bet slip and from then, the function will be active on all your in-play bets until you remove it.

Another advantage to being quick with your bets is that you can add opposing selections to help offset any losses you might accrue due to your first bet. You bet on Spain to beat Croatia and then find yourself losing with a goal down in five minutes to the final whistle, winning is nearly impossible but betting on a draw could help alleviate the impending loss.

Know your teams

If you have good knowledge of the teams at the Euro’s, then you will be in a good position to make better bets based on your judgment. While doing this, you will be able to take advantage of the bookmaker’s Euro 2020 odds. This is because you feel that their odds are good or bad for a team and you are essentially saying that you are trusting your knowledge above that of the bookmakers’.

Do not be afraid to bail out by changing your bet mid-game

Sometimes while betting on the Euro 2020, you could make a bet earlier and then start having doubts that the opposing team could win, and you say stuff like “it is their day”. When this happens, bettors, but most of the time, tend to go ahead and place opposing bets on the same match to help get back some of the money they think they are about to lose. It will nearly always guarantee a loss for you, but you would rather a small loss than a big one right?

Many of our partners also have a cash out function, where you can close your bet before the match has ended at odds that reflect the current situation in the match.
For example you could have bet on England to win, and when they're ahead with 1-0 and 10 minutes to go in the match you don't want to take the risk that the opposing team scores and ties the match leading you to lose your bet, so you use the cash out option and close the bets at a bit lower odds than you originally bet for.

Never try and chase your losses

This gets people into trouble a lot. They are losing money, yet they keep betting. They are trying to cover their losses and end up losing even more. Ideally, you will want to set yourself a limit for the day/tournament, etc. Let’s say you have a limit of £200 for the day to bet on the numerous games going on at the Euro’s and you are down to your last £30. Do not try and win it all back in one bet, but rather a host of small ones.

A £5 win here and a £10 win there is better than losing everything. Betting takes time so you need to be patient. If you are in a hurry to win all your money back, then before you know it, you are transferring money from your account to bet on even more selections, and heading down that road is a very slippery slope. Once you hit your limit in this case £200 that is it, you should finish up and not try to keep betting.

Be wary of betting on individual markets

A big factor that is going to either make you a successful bettor or a losing one is what markets you bet on. If you are constantly trying to predict who will score the next goal or who will get booked next, you are just asking your money to leave your account.

Instead, try and focus on the result of the match you are betting on. Stay on track and bet on who will win the match rather than who will score the next goal.

Watch the games

If you can, make sure you watch the games you are trying to bet on. With live stats, you do get an idea of what is going on in the game but even the impressive tech these sites use to put together these figures to help you doesn't give you the full picture. If you watch the games, you can see what is happening with your own ideas and react based on what you are seeing and what you can sense is going to happen soon.

It is easy to do this at modern sportsbook as many will offer streaming capabilities if you are betting on the game or sometimes just for having an account balance. Some sportsbooks also ask that you have made a deposit within a certain time frame, like within the last 3 months.
Alternatively, many Euro 2020 games will be broadcast on national television or elsewhere online so you should hunt these out to place more accurate bets.

live streaming

Euro 2020 Betting In-Play FAQ

  • Do most betting sites offer in-play betting?

    Yes, they do. Nowadays, to keep up with their competitors, most betting sites offer in-play betting.
  • Is there a limit on how many in-play markets I can bet on?

    No, there is no limit. You can bet on all of the available in-play betting markets, provided you have the money to do so.
  • Can anyone bet on the in-play betting markets?

    As long as you are over the legal age to gamble, then yes. Although, most platforms will request that you create an account, with your valid ID card before you can proceed to deposit some money. Most of the time, it will be a small amount of money for a start.