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Everyone reading this piece probably enjoys watching football. This is obvious, football is great entertainment but what makes football even more exciting? Gambling of course and if you want to gamble you will need football predictions whether they’re your own or those of an expert.  As gambling is more popular than ever before this means football predictions today are more valuable than ever before.

You can go to any media source be it newspapers, TV, social media, or dedicated sites like Betfootball.com, and find football predictions. This is why where gamblers go for their football betting predictions can be the difference between profit or loss. Below we will go through how we have come up with their predictions to try to give their followers the best possible tips for their football bets.

Football Predictions Today

Wolfsburg vs FC Koln in Match 16 at Volkswagen Arena
Wolfsburg vs FC Koln in Match 16 at Volkswagen Arena — Best Odds, Tips, and Predictions

With Wolfsburg currently in mid-table, they have a chance to gain some ground on FC Koln, when going head-to-head on Tuesday in the 1. Bundesliga. Wolfsburg step onto the pitch…

December 14, 2021 | William Mcmaster
Norwich vs Aston Villa — Best Odds, Tips, and Prediction
Norwich vs Aston Villa — Best Odds, Tips, and Prediction

Aston Villa will go up against Norwich on Tuesday for a Premier League meeting. Ranked 20th in the Premier League, Norwich have collected 10 points from 16 games. On 19…

December 14, 2021 | William Mcmaster
VfB Stuttgart vs Bayern München in 1. Bundesliga Round 16 — preview, odds and betting tips

Much more than mere points are at stake when VfB Stuttgart clash in a derby with rivals Bayern Munich in 1. Bundesliga on Tuesday at Mercedes-Benz Arena. VfB Stuttgart rank…

December 14, 2021 | William Mcmaster
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid — the best odds and betting tips
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid — the best odds and betting tips

Much more than mere points are at stake when Real Madrid clash in a derby with rivals Atlético Madrid in La Liga on Sunday at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Following 16…

December 10, 2021 | William Mcmaster
Inter vs Cagliari — the best odds and hottest predictions
Inter vs Cagliari — the best odds and hottest predictions

Struggling Cagliari are most likely in for a tough assignment, when going up against Inter this coming Sunday at Giuseppe Meazza. With a string of mediocre performances, at best, it…

December 10, 2021 | William Mcmaster
Manchester City vs Wolves | Premier League Match 16
Manchester City vs Wolves in Premier League Round 16 — preview, tips, and predictions

Prices from the bookmakers reflect the form put on show lately by these two opponents in the Premier League. Wolves could be in for a whacking, as The Sky Blues…

December 10, 2021 | William Mcmaster
SSC Napoli vs Empoli in Serie A at Diego Armando Maradona — preview, the best odds and hottest predictions
SSC Napoli vs Empoli in Serie A at Diego Armando Maradona — preview, the best odds and hottest predictions

The Serie A clash at Diego Armando Maradona on Sunday sees home team SSC Napoli battling it out for three points with Empoli. Ranked as number 3 SSC Napoli have…

December 10, 2021 | William Mcmaster
Real Betis vs Real Sociedad — preview, odds and betting tips
Real Betis vs Real Sociedad — preview, odds and betting tips

There are more than 3 points at stake, when Real Betis step up against Real Sociedad at Estadio Benito Villamarin in the La Liga. Real Betis find themselves as number…

December 10, 2021 | William Mcmaster

Why do you need our football predictions?

So why do you need our football predictions? Well firstly let me go through why a gambler would want to look for predictions in the first place. While football is unpredictable most of the time it is not random. Today's football predictions cover so many different aspects and take from many different areas and sources.

We are not just looking at who might win a game but lots of other markets such as football score predictions, who will score, who will get booked etc. These different predictions give gamblers a much broader selection and choice and can help them narrow down what bet best suits what they are looking for and their bankroll.

As mentioned above, football predictions today have a great amount of background work that went into them. Not only are personnel, previous results, and the game location taken into account but previous performances are analysed using statistical models such as the xG model. This doesn’t just look at the final score but instead analyses how much each team should have scored based on the quality of their chances. This, along with similar models can allow gamblers to find where bookmakers may have over or undervalued certain teams and therefore can give you the edge.

What Can You Learn From Our Football Predictions?

The BetFootball site does predictions the right way. So much so they are practically scientific football predictions for today’s modern gambler. Let's look at an example: Liverpool played Porto at Anfield in the 5th round of their Champions League group recently. We give you all you needed to know before you placed a bet.

At the top of the page, you will see a graphic with the match-up featuring each team's last five results. If you check in after or during the match you will also find an up-to-date result. 

football betting predictions example 1

Then the main body of the article starts. Here you can learn some general background on both teams, how they are playing etc. Crucially you also get your first piece of useful statistics in this paragraph. This could be about how well they have been doing in their league or it could revolve around how successful the team is in front of goals. Either way, you will get your first taste of how BetFootball's predictions work.

Next up, for the bigger games, there will be a detailed section that goes into stats and analysis. You can check that out for yourself but needless to say, you will find everything you need to make the best football betting predictions. In most cases, you will also find a helpful graphic detailing either the league or group table the teams are involved in.

football betting predictions example 2

Next, we have the prediction or the verdict. This will be what BetFootball thinks is the best bet for this game. This may not be as simple as who will win but will take into account the best price and the most likely outcome. Some examples of predictions on our previews are: Both teams to score, draw no get, total goals, and much much more.

Finally, do not forget to keep scrolling past the prediction because below you will find what is basically a cheat sheet for your own football tips and predictions. If you do not agree with the tip we give, then do not worry. You will find all sorts of stats and information to help you come to your own decision. The content can include: More stats and facts for both teams, line ups, current form, match history and more.

How do we make our football predictions?

Now to see how the sausage gets made. Earlier I mentioned how BetFootball have developed almost scientific football predictions for today's modern gambler; perhaps a better term would be mathematical football predictions. Well, there is some real truth behind this. We use API’s to make our football betting predictions. Now we’re not going to get into a lot of technical jargon here but what that basically means is their picks are made using data and algorithms. Anyone serious about beating the bookies knows this is the way forward. The bookmakers have their systems so to beat them you need one too.

So, after the computer has spat out its results Betfootballs team of sports journalists take it from there. They analyse what the algorithm says and breaks it all up into the predictions you read on the site. This way it is reader-friendly and easier to consume but you still get the benefit of the API. Football predictions made easy!

Where do the Football Betting Odds come from?

All our odds come directly from a wide arrange of bookmakers. These odds, which are available for you to browse and compare against one another. A nice little feature on the site is that the odds are constantly updating. This means even if you read an article posted a few days ago the odds will still be correct when you visit the bookmakers.

The most useful thing we do for our readers in terms of odds is their final prediction always tries to find the best available price. Finding the best value across football betting sites is so important but equally as time-consuming. Having the information provided by our team is a great little feature!

Other Football betting predictions  

One last thing about our site is that it doesn't just focus on general football predictions and tournaments. You can also find predictions for such things as who will win the Ballon d’Or or the PFA Player of the Year.

Keep an eye on the site for exciting predictions such as who will move wherein the January transfer window or who will be the next manager sacked.


To sum it up BetFootball should be your one-stop shop for your football predictions. The computer predictions mixed with some journalistic overview mean you get the best possible guide for your football bets. This paired with the great live odds feature and a vast quantity of articles on the site gives the user the best possible experience. Why not look at tonight's football predictions and see for yourself.

Football Betting Predictions FAQ

  • How does BetFootball make their predictions?

    BetFootball uses a combination of APIs (computer algorithms) and some journalistic editing to make the best possible football predictions.
  • Do we provide odds for their predictions?

    Yes, we provide live odds across their site and when picking a prediction, they even try to provide the reader with the best price available by comparing different bookmakers.
  • What games do we give Predictions for?

    BetFootball offers one-stop-shop predictions for the 5 major European leagues as well as the English championship. Keep an eye out though as more leagues may be covered soon.